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Anonymous SENT: I'm not asking you to shame girls bodies , I don't support that, but I don't want you to sugarcoat the truth ya know either, anyway I'm pretty self conscious about my long labia and I was just wondering what your opinion on it is on other girls/ when you're with other girls?

cant change it so you might as well love it!!! am i right ladies?? own it!!!!!

i just saw my reflection in my screen and like…..damn………………im cute

black cats are soooooo important to me!!!!!!

This the prettiest cat I ever seen

honestly i just teared up a lil bit 

there’s a bug in my room


Ebony has her best pink sweater on, just in case someone comes to take her out for a walk or adopt her! She’s been at the shelter in Newark, NJ, a long time, and gets overwhelmed at adoption events, so it’s hard for her show her best side.

She loves going for long walks with volunteers and other dogs, and is super mellow when she’s hanging out with people. If you want to meet her or ask questions about her, just call 973-824-7080!

Anonymous SENT: what do you think of the movie kill bill? or quentin tarantino in general?

kill bill is my fav stoned movie brah its great 

guess which one hates his brother?